Hello, I'm known Online as Galinn Arts.I'm 22 years old and love drawing fantasy themes and
animal characters, especially cats.
I'm an artist and creator of the web comic series,
Reuna Isles.
Favorite movie - The Land Before Time (Original)
Favorite Game - Dark Souls 3
Favorite snack - Cookie

Current commission status: CLOSED

Please read all my terms before commissioning me.Thank you 🍪

Commission Prices

- Currency shown is in USD
- Prices are per character
- Price may vary depending on complexity
- Backgrounds & props vary

Chibis $15

Color Sketches

Full-body $50

Color Sketch Page $150

3 expressions, 1 bust, 1 half-body, 1 full-body

Cel Shading

Icon $70

Bust $100

Half-body $150

Full-body $200

Terms of Service

My commissions are SFW,
however you must be 18+ years of age to commission me.

How to order

Contact me with a description of the type of commission you'd like,
along with relevant image references.
After we have discussed the details of the drawing,
I will give you a final quote and send a PayPal invoice through email.
Places to contact me:
Email - [email protected]
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ArtsGalinn
Fur Affinity - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/galinnarts

By commissioning me, you hereby read and agree to Galinn Arts's T.O.S.

Section 1 - Service

A) My commissions are SFW,
however you must be 18+ years of age to commission me.

B) I may refuse an order submission for any reason.C) I may cancel a commission if payment is not
received 48hrs after confirming your order

Section 2 - Usage

A) Do not claim or distribute my artwork(s).B) Commissioned artworks may be uploaded publicly.C) You may upload any art you've commissioned me for.

Section 3 - Payment

A) Payment is done via PayPal invoice through email.B) Pricing may vary depending on complexity.C) All payment is made upfront.D) Prices may change over time.E) You are eligible for a full refund if no progress has been shared 2 weeks after payment.F) Commissions are non-refundable once any progress has been shared.

Section 4 - Art process

A) Up to 2 major revisions are allowed in the rough sketch phase.
1 major revision is allowed in the clean sketch phase.
Additional revisions at these phases will be charged.
Any changes to the drawing thereafter must be minor.
B) WIPs will be shared at the rough sketch,
clean sketch, line and color phases for review.
C) Commission are generally completed within 1-4 weeks
after payment, depending on the type of commission.
D) A more accurate time estimate for your commission will be given before payment. Please note this is only an estimate and any delays will be communicated.E) You must let me know if you have any deadlines
when you submit for a commission.
F) After completion, you will be sent a png file of your commission
via email.
G) Please save your artwork files, I am not responsible for any lost
files once it has been sent to you.


- variety of clothing styles
- armor
- fantasy themes
- magic/effects
- props such as weapons/food etc.
- environments
- creatures/monsters
- humans


- NSFW/Fetish art
- heavy gore
- hate art
- complex sci-fi/mecha

If you do not agree to these Terms, THEN you are not allowed to commission me.Terms are subject to change over timeThank you for reading

Last updated: June 27, 2024